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How do I set up direct deposit to receive my government benefits in my GO2bank account?

IMPORTANT: The name and Social Security number on file with your benefits provider must match your GO2bank account exactly or we won’t be able to make your deposit.

  1. Ask your benefits provider for instructions on setting up direct deposit or look for information on their website.
  2. Then follow these steps to get your account and bank routing number:
    • Log in to your GO2bank account in the app.
    • Find “Direct deposit” under Move money
    • Copy your GO2bank direct deposit account number and bank routing number.
    • If your benefits provider requests the account type, enter “checking.”
  3. Follow the instructions provided by your benefits provider to provide your GO2bank account and bank routing numbers and make your direct deposit selection.

TIP: Ask your benefits provider how long it will take them to set up your direct deposit. If it takes longer than expected to receive your first direct deposit, check back with your benefits provider. GO2bank does not have any information about your direct deposit enrollment status.