Give Your Credit a Major Advantage

Give Your Credit a Major Advantage

We get it: building or repairing credit can be confusing. And hard. And frustrating. And did we already say confusing? But when you have the right tools and knowledge, building credit can be super rewarding, because with great credit usually comes great rewards, like lower interest rates! Well, your quest for better credit just got a major advantage. Introducing Experian Credit Care Advantage™, a free new suite of credit building and identity theft features that can help you take your credit to the next level. How, you ask? Let us count the ways.

1. Experian Boost™1

So, you pay your bills every month, right? You gotta’ have your Netflix®, your Hulu™, Disney+™, HBO™, your cell phone, your utilities. How about getting more than a pat on the back for paying all those bills on time? Well, now you can. For the first time ever, you can get credit for paying utility, cable, internet, cell phone and video streaming services with your GO2bank debit card and instantly raise your FICO® Score+ for free using Experian Boost™. Let the binge watching continue!

2. Credit Report and FICO® Score2

Ever feel like your credit report is a secret that big banks are hiding from you? Not anymore. Now you can stay up to date with access to your Experian credit report and FICO® Score2, all for free. You’ll start getting a better idea of what factors are influencing your FICO® Score and how to improve them, or to keep doing what’s working. You’ll also see a refreshed Experian credit report and FICO® Score every 30 days, be able to monitor your score with alerts, and even get loans and credit card suggestions matched just for you.

3. Dark Web Surveillance

Afraid somebody’s out there on the Internet, using your name, your info, your money? Experian Credit Care Advantage has your back. With daily monitoring of the deepest, darkest corners of the web, Dark Web Surveillance can identify suspicious activity that may be associated with your identity. Searching through web pages, blogs, bulletins, peer-to-peer sharing networks, forums, chat rooms, social media, and so much more, you’ll be notified immediately if your monitored data was exposed anywhere. It’s like having a really, really good private detective working your case across the Internet 24/7.

4. Experian CreditLock

Sure, you can put money in a safe and valuables in a fancy safety deposit box, but how can you keep your credit file safe? With Experian CreditLock, you can lock your credit file with the touch of a button, keeping fraudsters and wannabe identity thieves away. By locking your Experian credit file, you’ll block unauthorized access from scammers and get real-time alerts should anyone try to apply for credit in your name. Because you’re the only you, and your Experian credit file wants everybody to know it.

The GO2bank Secured Visa® Credit Card is also a great way to help you start reaching your credit goals. With no credit check3, no annual fee4, and a security deposit starting as low as $100 to set your credit limit, your credit building dreams can be an easier reality. To learn more of GO2bank Secured Visa® Credit Card’s features and how easy it is to get started, visit here.

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