1 Step Forward, 2 Steps for Cash Back: How to Get Cash Back with GO2bank™

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps for Cash Back: How to Get Cash Back with GO2bankTM

You’ve heard that old saying, “You’ve got to spend money to make money,” but has that ever felt true? Well, it’s true with a go-to on your side and GO2bank eGift Cards in your virtual pocket! A lot of banks have cash back options nowadays, but most cash back options max out at around 3% , if you’re lucky. With GO2bank eGift Cards, you can earn up to 7% instant cash back when you purchase eGift Cards to your favorite stores and online retailers.1 Here’s a rundown on how eGift Cards work and how they can help you make some extra dough.

How eGift Cards work

We made our eGift Cards with you and GO2ers like you in mind. That means they’re designed to be easy, useful, and help you get the most from your hard-earned money. Check out this short video to learn how eGift Cards can earn you cash back.

See? Finding the right eGift Cards and earning cash back is super easy.

Just log in to the app, scroll down, and tap the earn cash back tile.

From there, browse through merchants or use the search field to find your favorites, then use your available balance to purchase eGift Cards.

And voila – you just earned up to 7% instant cash back! Your cash back is instantly added to your available balance, and your eGift Cards are in your in-app eGift Cards wallet. From there, you have the option to archive or redeem eGift Cards, or refresh and view your balances.

You can use your eGift Cards on the merchant’s website by using the provided Card number and PIN, or in-store using the scannable barcode provided with your eGift Card. The cashier can scan the barcode right form your phone!

Oh, did we mention eGift Cards never expire? And you can purchase any number of eGift Cards totaling up to $1,000 every. single. day. You can also gift eGift Cards to other GO2bank accountholders. That’s, like, a win-win-win situation!

How instant cash back moves your money forward

When we say “instant cash back,” we don’t mean “in a few minutes” or “later that day.” We really mean instant. How do we do it so fast? Satellites? Magic? 🤷 However we make it happen, we do it so it can help you plan, save, and earn a little bit more - faster. With a little bit of forethought, you can turn common shopping expenses into ways to add money back to your balance.


Is it finally time to paint over that accent wall you thought was a good idea? Or maybe you need to make some repairs around the house. Does Roscoe need some new dog food? Whether it’s gardening supplies, spring cleaning equipment, or DIY tools, you could buy an eGift Card to your favorite hardware store in the parking lot and have the cash back added to your account before you even walked in the store.


Let’s say you need to have groceries delivered. Maybe you’re planning a dinner out with the fam. Or grabbing some takeout for a night in on the couch. Got a quick lunch break and want to grab something on the go? You can buy eGift Cards to your favorite food spots and add all the cash back you earned to a savings vault2 before you even take your first bite.


Need to book a flight? Want to rent a place a near the beach this summer? Or maybe you just need a ride from one place to the other. Wherever you’re going, be sure to go to the eGift Card shop first so you can earn that cash back before your driver even shows up. 


Need to have the newest game the second it’s released? Heard about a new show worth a binge but don’t have that streamer yet? Maybe you want tickets to a movie, a concert, or a sporting event tonight. Pop on the app and find the eGift Card earning you cash back before you even find your seat.


Maybe you want to get some new threads for summer. Or want to get a new makeup regimen going. Is it time to treat yourself to a blowout or finally shave that ‘stache? Yup, we’ve even got eGift Cards to earn you cash back while you’re literally sitting pretty.

Whatever expenses you have, there’s an eGift Card waiting on the app to earn you instant cash back. Whether you’re making a budget for the week, doing some impulse shopping online, or heading out for pet food, be sure to check the app before you go. There is instant cash back waiting to be added to your account.

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