How To Keep Your Money Safe Online

Worried about getting scammed? A fake email, a text containing links, a call from a fraudster pretending to be a bank employee, even a seemingly harmless link. It’s scary to know that just a quick click can make you vulnerable to fraud, but these simple tips can help keep the scammers away.

Don't Give Anyone Access to Your Account 

If someone contacts you claiming to be from your bank and needing access to your account, ask yourself: Why would your bank need to seek you out for access? Can't they do that on their end? Why would they ask for your account details or log-in credentials if they already have them in their system? No matter what their reasons are, never give anyone access to your account. No company will ask you to download an app that allows them to control your device. No business will offer to make a cash transfer on your behalf. No legitimate or reputable customer service agent will ever call you and ask you to do something on their behalf. Scammers, on the other hand…

Take Time to Stop and Think 

Before taking any action, take a moment. Don't click on that link yet. Don't fill out that form or make that call. Don't download anything. Pause, breathe, and assess the situation first. Fraudsters like to pressure their targets into making a mistake. A fraudulent, urgent call to action is the go-to trick for scammers, from a quick password reset to an immediate cash transfer. Never leap without looking or give your information to anyone without knowing who they are and why they want it. If you’re in doubt about the email or communication from your bank, reach out to your financial institution.

Only Get Help From Your Bank's Website and App 

Always use your bank's official Help Center first, either on the app or online. If you don't know your bank's website, check your monthly bill or account statement. Company contact information is usually included on documents like these. Try not to go straight to Google and type your question when you need help. Contact details you see online might lead you to fake websites or scam telephone operators. 

We know fending off online scammers can be daunting, but just remember - there’s no need to hurry into a decision. A moment's pause can help save you from potential scams. If you feel you have been a victim of fraud or provided info to scammers, immediately contact your bank as well as the Federal Trade Commission.  And with GO2bank’s mobile bank account, you can simply lock or unlock your card right from our mobile app if you ever misplace your card. Learn more about how you can use GO2bank’s mobile bank account to take control over your financial journey with our incredible features and get more tips to protect yourself from fraud.

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