How to Save Money While Shopping Online for the Holidays

How to Save Money While Shopping Online for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a busy (read: stressful) time of year, whether you’re planning family get-togethers or trying to find last-minute gifts for your friends and family. Rather than visit stores in person, more and more people choose to shop online each year thanks to the convenience and savings they can find. Landing the right deals online won’t just save you some money this season, but also hopefully help you find that perfect gift for friends or family.

Here are some simple tips to help you save money while you shop online this holiday season.

Download browser extensions

Trying to keep up with the latest holiday deals can be a tiresome process. One way to save time is to download different browser extensions that will alert you of sales, coupons, and more. You can easily create a "price watch" for specific products online using browser extensions, some which give you usable coupon codes to try at checkout, flexibility to track prices across thousands of stores online, and even more money-saving goodness.

Search for discount codes

Many online retailers offer special discount codes around this time of year, especially for last minute shopping. They may offer free shipping too, so keep an eye out. This can help save money and time on your quest for better prices this season.

Sign up for newsletters

Searching for the best deals isn't always easy, even in your own inbox. Stores send out countless emails this time of year, some of them filled with great coupon codes, others not so much. One way you can avoid some of the clutter is by signing up for newsletters that search the internet each day to find the best deals around then put them all in one email. Deal newsletters can save you a lot of time, and keep you from sifting through fifty other emails every day from every store.

Everybody likes a deal, especially this time of year. Give these tips a try, along with your GO2bank mobile account, and you’re sure to find new ways to save. Learn more about how you can use GO2bank’s mobile bank account to help track spending this holiday season. Reduce your holiday budget stress and get a great head start to holiday savings. Happy holidays!

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