5 Fun Fall Activities to Do on a Budget

5 Fun Fall Activities to Do on a Budget

The hot days might be winding down, but the fun is just getting started. That’s right–cooler weather can mean cooler activities, even on a budget. Here are five activities to keep you and your wallet happy this fall.

1. Visit the local farmer’s market

Looking for a fun way to spend your fall weekends? This is one of most popular activities of the year, and rightfully so. Get yourself in the fall mood with a visit to your local farmer’s market. Find seasonal fruits, vegetables, jams, pastries, ciders, and so much more, often for better prices than the grocery store and directly from the vendors themselves. Local farmer’s markets and farms will often have fun fall activities like free concerts, hayrides, games, pumpkin picking, and plenty more fun for the whole family.

2. Host a fall picnic

One of the best perks of cooler weather? Less bugs. Now you and the whole fam can get out there more comfortably and enjoy a special picnic in your favorite local park or even your backyard without hearing those pesky mosquitoes buzzing around you all day. And with fall being harvest time for delicious fruits and veggies, you can whip up great picnic meals from your favorite recipes. If you’re able to, a campfire can make the picnic even better. S’mores roasted by the fire are a cheap treat people of every age can appreciate!

3. Get your crafting on

With the new season comes new reasons to decorate. Get the fall spirit going by creating fun fall decorations for around your home or your office. Dollar stores are great resources for fun, inexpensive art supplies that the whole family can put to good use. Whether it’s construction paper, water coloring, sewing, or jewelry making supplies, there’s plenty to find under your budget. Got a great idea but don’t know how to make it? Search online for instructions and videos for DIY creations that you can do together or on your own. Chances are, somebody out there had that great idea too and wants to help you make it your own.

4. Take a hike

A change in weather can sometimes call for a change in scenery. Fall is the perfect time to get outside, take a hike, and enjoy some nearby nature. All you need for a good hike is transportation, a good pair of shoes, water, and some snacks. No matter where you live, a good hike can be found nearby, whether it’s in a city park you haven’t explored, or farther out along trails. Search for the best hikes around you on the internet, and you'll find helpful tips, directions and suggestions.

5. Be a smart shopper

Fall is as good a time as any to stick to your budget. The school year is in full swing, winter is approaching, and a new year is on the horizon. Even more reason to stay smart about where you’re shopping and how you’re spending your hard-earned money. Take advantage of coupons, sales, and discounts that might coincide with the school year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Black Friday. A great way to take even more advantage of these discounts is by purchasing eGift Cards1 on the GO2bank app. Need art supplies, picnic goodies, costume accessories, or hiking gear? Before you hit your favorite stores, check the GO2bank app to see if these stores offer eGift Cards. Then you can earn up to 7% instant cash back and use your eGift Cards online or in-store on all the supplies you had planned to buy. That’s fall win-win.

Fall might seem like a hard transition – school is in full effect, the leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping. But there’s still lots to do and plenty ways to do it on a budget. So get out there, explore, and keep the whole family happy, healthy, and energized this season.

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