How eGift Cards can help you with moving costs this summer

Get a move on! - How eGift Cards can help you with moving costs this summer

Summer is here! Hooray, right? Or maybe summer means your lease is up and it’s time to move. Hooray. Whether you’re moving into a smaller place, a bigger place, across town, or across the country, moving expenses can add up. And so can the stress. But don’t worry – whatever the circumstances, here are 5 ways our eGift Cards1 can help you earn instant cash back on common moving expenses.

1. Packing Supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap, plastic containers, furniture blankets, and what else? Right, packing tape. So, so, so much packing tape. You love your stuff and you want it to make the journey to your new home safe & sound regardless of how far you’re moving. So, before you head to the store for more packing supplies, be sure to get some eGift Cards in the GO2bank app to these stores so you can earn cash back before you buy all those boxes and tape.

2. Cleaning & Repairs

Maybe you need to make your old place look spotless before you officially check out. Or maybe your new apartment, home, or room is in need of some TLC (and a little deep cleaning) before you officially check in. Either way, buying eGift Cards to these stores before you visit in-person or online will earn you instant cash back that you can use towards bigger and better moving expenses (hint hint: keep reading)

3. New Furniture

Time to send that old couch to the curb? Got a bigger or smaller kitchen in your new place and now your old table just feels…weird? Getting a new place sometimes means getting new furniture to not only fit the space, but also give yourself a fresh start. New furniture can be a major expense, especially after adding up all those moving expenses. But a major expense can also mean a major payout on instant cash back if you plan it right with the right eGift Cards beforehand. So, before you buy that new couch, kitchen table, kid’s bed frame, or even new nonstick frying pans, be sure to snag some eGift Cards to these bigtime furniture spots.

4. Food for the moving weary

Maybe you already packed all your plates and silverware. Maybe you arrived at your new place and don’t feel like unpacking all your plates and silverware just yet. Or, the most likely scenario, you’ve been packing or unpacking all day and the thought of having to now prepare dinner is almost too much to bear. Either way, French fries definitely taste better when they’re also earning you cash back. Before the moving madness begins, purchase some eGift Cards to these favorite food spots, then you’ll have money set aside for easy moving dinners and instant cash back added to your account. Now that’s a win-win.

5. Be the Best eMoving Buddy

Maybe you’re not the one moving this summer, but your friends or family are. If you can’t help them load and unload the truck on moving day, you can still help them make some of their moving purchases. If your moving friends or family have their own GO2bank account, you can easily buy and send them eGift Cards to stores like the ones above, all while keeping the cash back for yourself. A gesture like that just might get you out of having to help them pack.

So, if moving has got you feeling stressed, just keep calm, eGift Card on, and earn that cash back before you start the big move. And remember, eGift Cards can only be purchased on the GO2bank app, and if you’re purchasing eGift Cards for a friend, they must already have an active GO2bank account in order to receive the eGift Card. Good luck in your new place when you get there!

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