5 Easy and Painless Ways to Save Money

5 Easy and Painless Ways to Save Money

Not spending extra money when you have it can be super hard, especially when you really want something specific. But saving money can give you bigger and better long-term rewards. Here are five ways to make saving money easier and less painful.

1. Pay yourself when you decide not to buy something.

Ever been super tempted to buy a new pair of shoes that you really don't need? And you stop yourself from buying them? Reward yourself and put the money you would have spent on the shoes into your savings account!

2. Save up for something specific with a savings vault.

Got your eye on those new sneakers dropping next month? Want to treat yourself to a vacation someday? Stash money to save for an upcoming expense, budget, or any goal you can think of with a GO2bank savings vault. You can create up to 5 vaults at a time, and the money in your vault will earn 4.50% APY1, which is well over the national average!

3. Use coupons and join rewards programs.

Use coupons when you go grocery shopping? Have a rewards card for your favorite shopping spots? When you get home with your receipt, look at the amount of money you saved by using the coupons or by being a rewards member, then put that amount of money into your GO2bank savings vault or the cookie jar!

4. Set up direct deposit so your paycheck gets automatically sent to your account.

When you set up direct deposit with your employer or government benefits provider, you can elect to have your pay sent to more than one account. You can opt to have a percentage of your income or a specific dollar amount direct deposited to your account. And setting up direct deposit with GO2bank is quick, easy, and unlocks a ton of features, like no monthly fees2 with eligible deposits, getting your pay up to 2 days early3, and overdraft protection4 up to $200 with opt-in and eligible direct deposits. Set up direct deposit here.

5. Find cash back options and use them!

Choose a bank account that offers other sweet perks that can help you save money, like cash back rewards. Did you know you can earn up to 7% instant cash back5 when you buy eGift Cards from nearly 100 popular merchants in the GO2bank app? That means buying gift cards for pizza on the app can automatically give you money back that you can put towards your savings, while also giving you an easier way to buy pizza. Now that’s win-win.

Saving money can be easier and more fun than you thought. Learn more about how you can use GO2bank’s mobile bank account to help build up your balance and take control of your financial journey with our incredible features.

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