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How can I get help if I have an issue with my eGift Card?

If an eGift Card you purchased is not working on a merchant website, app or at a retail location, you must contact the merchant directly for assistance. Please check the merchant’s website for eGift Card  terms and conditions and the best way to contact customer service to resolve your issue. If you have already contacted the merchant directly and are still having issues, please contact us using the number on the back of your GO2bank card for assistance. For additional information about our eGift Card cash back rewards program, please see the GO2bank Deposit Account Agreement.

Important to know: If you visit some merchants’ websites or apps to check your eGift Card balance, like Wayfair, PlayStation, Google, GrubHub and Amazon, your eGift Card value will be automatically added to your account with that merchant. Once the eGift Card is added to the merchant account, you will no longer see the balance on your eGift Card. If your eGift Card barcode does not work when redeeming in-store, the card details can be entered manually.