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How do I use Way2Pay™ to link my GO2bank debit card to preferred merchants?

GO2bank partners with a service provided by Q2 Software to link your card through Way2PayTM to your favorite online merchants and subscription accounts. Simply select “Manage card” in the GO2bank app menu then tap "Link debit card to top merchants with Way2PayTM" Follow the steps to link your GO2bank debit card to each merchant you choose. Through the Q2 Software service in the GO2bank app, you will log in to each merchant’s site using Way2PayTM within the GO2bank app to make the GO2bank debit card your go-to method of payment for each account. Choose from online merchants and subscriptions you use regularly, such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Postmates, Spotify, Target, Walmart and many more. Merchants must sign up with Q2 Software before you can link your card to them, but don’t worry—new ones are being added all the time.