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What happens if there is not enough money to cover a payment?

It is your responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account before 12:00pm PT on the date the payment is scheduled to be sent from your account.

If you schedule a payment prior to 12:00pm PT today with a “Send on” date of today, we will attempt to process the payment immediately, or on the next business day if today is not a business day. If there are not enough funds to cover the payment, you will see a message that the payment was declined,

If a payment fails due to insufficient funds, you can deposit money into your account and resubmit the payment with the same “Send on” date if the additional funds are deposited prior to 12:00pm PT. If your additional funds are deposited after 12:00pm PT, you will need to resubmit your payment with a “Send on” date of the following business day. Please check that the funds have been posted to your account prior to resubmitting the payment.

If you have scheduled a payment for a future date, we will attempt to authorize the payment on that future date. If there are not enough funds to cover the payment by 12:00pm PT on that date, then the bill payment will fail, and we will send you a failure notification by your preferred method. You should check your notifications to ensure that your scheduled future payments are made

If your payment is declined due to insufficient funds, then you will need to resubmit the payment request once you have added sufficient funds to your account.