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How do I qualify for benefits under the Federal Military Lending Act (MLA)?

The MLA is focused on protecting service members and their dependents from certain lending practices.

To be eligible for these benefits you must be on active duty or on active federal orders of no less than 30 days for National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers at the time you apply for a GO2bank Secured Credit Card account. Your dependents can receive this benefit as well if they fall into one of the below categories:

  • Spouse
  • Children under age 21
  • Children under age 23 who are enrolled full time at an approved institution of higher learning and dependent (or dependent at the time of the member’s or former member’s death) on a covered member for over one-half of their support

Customer Responsibilities:

To take advantage of the MLA provisions, make sure to upload the required documentation (e.g. copy of valid military orders) when you sign up for your GO2bank Secured Credit Card.

Continue making payments as MLA benefits do not relieve you of your responsibility to make payments, nor do they prevent us from reporting past due payments to credit bureaus.

If you’re having trouble making your payments, please contact GO2bank Customer Support at 855-459-1334.

For more information regarding your rights and responsibilities under the MLA, visit the MLA website.