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How much does it cost to cash a check?

Get Money in Minutes for a Fee

To cash a check and get your money in minutes, the fee is 1% for payroll and government checks with a pre-printed signature and 5% for all other accepted checks, with a $5 minimum fee per check.

Ingo Money will review your check for approval, usually in a few seconds, although it can take 3-5 minutes and in rare circumstances, review can take up to an hour. If your check is approved, Ingo Money sends your money in minutes to the account you selected. If your check isn’t approved, your account will not be funded, and no fees will be assessed.

Get Money in 10 Days for Free

Alternatively, you can choose to get your funds in 10 days for no fee and your money will be credited to your account if your check is approved and is not returned unpaid during the 10-day period. The 10-day option can be good when time is on your side.