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What is a vault?

A vault is a savings feature where you can store money separately from your GO2bank available balance. Money in your vault cannot be spent until you move the money back to your GO2bank available balance. It’s a great place to stash money to save up for an upcoming expense, budgeting or any goal you can think of. You can create up to 5 vaults. The best part, money in your vault will earn 1% APY, which is over 10X the national average!

Interest is paid quarterly on the average daily balance of savings during the quarter, up to a $5,000 combined balance in all vaults, if the account is in good standing and has a positive balance. 1% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of January 2021. APY may change before or after you open an account. See Deposit Account Agreement for terms and conditions. As of 12/28/20 the average national savings account interest rate is 0.05% as determined by the FDIC based on the $2,500 product tier of insured depository institutions for which data is available. Visit https://www.fdic.gov/regulations/resources/rates/ to learn more.